Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Halloween Decor

This is my favorite time of year and so I thought I would share some of how I decorate my dining area with you, my favorite people. I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you would like to see more Decorating ideas. If you think Halloween is hardcore wait till Christmas people!



Friday, October 3, 2014

It’s Too Hot to Be In Fall Fashion!

I know most of my readers are from Germany, Russia and of course the USA and while the weather varies from place to place and varies day to day for that matter (welcome to Global Warming) It's hot people. In my lovely city of San Diego it happens to be the 1st week of Oct and a blistering heat wave of 100+ has hit us. As much as I am craving the AW14 Fashion Flurry, I would seriously just love to be naked with water mist spraying me down! But seeing as I’m at work this little fantasy probably won’t work out for me.
 My skirt is a light weight hound’s tooth/gingham print skirt. This textile style look has been running through the DKNY collection through to Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors the past few seasons. Hound’s tooth is a classic, staple print in my opinion and a must for the wardrobe. How do you feel about the hounds tooth look? Let me know in the comments below.

Quilted Denim Bomber Jacket Target Style

To be comfortable with the 57 degree at 7AM up to 100+ by 11AM weather, I wear light fabrics and throw a sweater or a jacket in the mix for the temp drop. This puffy bomber jacket is a great fall transitional piece that I think can work into a weekender look. The quilted look gives it that 90’s trend we seem to be revisiting at the moment, very Christy Turlington don’t you think? Now I just need Wham and George Michaels singing in the background!

Beauty by SW Beauty Blogger

Fashion Bloggers Beauty by sw

Ok, I had to throw in my favorite Ankle Booties from Forever21! I feel like a majorette in a marching band when I wear these. Look out halftime College Football fans I might dance bomb your game (I’m obviously feeling frisky today people) Meow!

Beauty Blogger Beauty by SW Blogspot
Pencil Skirt  similar on sale now!

Beauty by SW Personal Style Bloggers
Le Bel Age Earrings

Beauty by SW Fashion Blogging
 What’s your favorite transitional look for fall and would you like to see a Key Fall Wardrobe Lookbook on my YouTube Channel? Comment below and give this post thumbs up.

Until Next Time
Happy Hunting

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Neiman’s Blogger Fall Fashion 2014 Preview Featuring Givenchy Cartoon and Tom Ford Handbags

This may be surprising for some of you, but I never really go to in store events. Now this is not because I don’t want to, it’s because I use to be the head hairstylist for all the Designer Previews for Southern California Nordstrom’s for over 10 years, I was strictly behind the scenes. Now that SD Bloggers are in my life and I’m not styling hair, I get to see all the fashions from the front of the house, hurray for me and you. 
Neiman’s presented the most spectacular fall fashion preview, in conjunction with Alex Yanez, NM Stylist. This young man is truly a talent, it’s no wonder Mr. Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus, hand groomed Alex and 4 other stylist to help us Neiman Marcus shoppers translate the latest fashion trends into our own wardrobes.
Some of my favorite trends shown 
The Green Scale:
I’m mad for this smoky stoned statement necklace that was paired with this mock pony top. The textures together add to the luxe look of this really simple outfit. To add to the texture Alex used this new hounds tooth pant and cut out ankle booties,  and layered  your everyday classic blazer just casually draped over the shoulders. This is a great updated office look that could move to happy hour, don’t you think?
Beauty by SW Blogspot Fashion Blogger

Capes and Draping were shown in almost every look, but this tapestry cape was a knock out! And the fact that Alex used to the knee boots for the wow factor, really speaks to my inner Russian Cossack. 

Beauty by SW Fashion Blogger
Beauty by SW Blogger Fall Preview Neiman Marcus

Grey Scale 

Grey is such a soft look for those of us that are having a hard time breaking black, but the softness factor is some what appealing I will say. 
This Tom Ford Crossbody Handbag is so spectacular I might have to take the money I've saved for my Thermage and buy this Tom Ford beauty instead.
 Mixed in to the trends was 
the New Color Blocking:
A geometric color block handbag, mixed with green fur infinity scarves was pure genius and a trend for the cold months I will be wearing. How many of you have bought a pair of Culottes? I have. My mom said I have horrible knees, so here you go mom, I’m covering them up with the Culottes Trend! Maybe her knees would look like mine if she skateboarded and surfed!  

Global Chic: The London Union Jack clutch by Alexander McQueen paired with the flowing chiffon, monochromatic giraffe print dress, was to die for. I would wear this to family dinner night in a heart beat. The leather cape is a piece that could be worn with a pair of jeans to the movies or a casual day out.

YouTube Video
 This next look was fantastic almost Eastern European in feel. I might not wear this whole look together but I would break apart the look. I could wear the skirt with a nice white, loose tee and the chunky Asian influence necklace, and the Fendi logo bag shown. Now that jacket is a statement on its own, so I would wear it with my loose jeans or my leather pants with low booties to the grocery store, yes I said to the grocer’s.

The juxtaposition of the casual and luxury dressing is obviously becoming a classic way of dressing for this generation as seen here.
Alex asked the Nieman’s seamstress to open up the side panels of this olive colored Grecian dress so he could add a pair of J Brand jeans under the look, I say Brilliant idea Alex! The pop of puffy jacket for that twist of sport luxe, well now we know we can use our ski wears for everyday life, how exciting.

I’m sure by now you know I’m a fuzzy jacket lover, so when this cubby coat came out I was like a schoolgirl screaming at a One Direction Concert. Then I notice the clutch was a Givenchy Bambi print and I just about wet my pants, I’m a huge Disney fan. There is no holding me back now ladies Disney and Fuzzy will rule my fall fashion choices. 

Until Our Next Fashion Adventure
Happy Hunting


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