Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Accessories for Spring Summer The Goddess Headbands

I have started a collection of goddess headbands, thanks to the Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino fashion show of the past seasons.  There is something so fun, flirty and ultra feminine about these headbands; they make me feel like I should be in a Midsummer Night’s Dream when I wear my headbands.

beauty by sw fashion blogger dolce and gabbana

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let’s Have Fun with NYFW 2015 Backstage Sneak Peeks

Let’s fun this week, I will be posting my behind the scenes look at not just Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Week, but I will have sneaky peeks at a few A/W 2015 NYFW collections.
With NYFW starting today why not step- up the fashion game a bit and bust out a fashion trend you might not normally wear? Then blame New York Fashion Week Fever for your choice if your friends don’t understand.
 On a side note most of you who have been reading my post this month have been experiencing my #StyleMeFeb challenges daily here and on my InstaBeauty feed and get to see my work and play #OOTD choices, however some of my friends only get to see me in my morning, just rolled on to the Running Club Track Outfits, sans maquillage and don’t normally see the Beauty by SW effect. So I've been getting a lot of questions about what do I wear, how I put outfits together, and various other beauty questions, so here’s the OOTD question answered.

 My Pinstriped skirt is a Robert Rodriguez pencil skirt from my boutique (10 years ago) and the black and white striped blouse is around 3years old from Forever21, I think? My shoes are a suede black heel with a sleek ankle strap and bow; I adore them, so Paris Chic. I'll be trying these out with jeans soon.

 The looped gunmetal, bomber jacket is not for everyone, but this is a personal choice for my twist of fun fashion. An outfit like this could easily be paired with a nice camel or pop color trench coat for a more classic fashion choice.

Be sure to check in for NYFW fun and I will see you soon


Monday, February 9, 2015

Kiss a Gram Party Pinup Style for Valentine’s Sweet Hearts in The Military

 I have always loved the classic Pinup Girl Photos, that style is so cheeky and perfect for the Kiss A Gram Party
beauty by sw blog
beauty by sw beauty blogger
In San Diego we are not just a resort city, we are a hub for military families and this Valentine’s Day a lot of Little W’s school mates have parents that are on deployment.
 We are fortunate to have Mr.W at home for events like V-Day, which got me thinking about our friends that don’t have their other half here “what could be fun for the person left at home and be exciting for the person who’s away?” It has to include a few key ingredients:

Got it! A Kiss a Gram Party.

Givenchy lipstick review beauty by sw beauty blogger

1.      Invite the girl gang
2.      Copious amounts of Rose’ Prosecco
3.      Sugar, Popcorn, Lipstick, a little inspiration from Pinterest
4.      Cheeky Pinup Girl Clothing/PJ’s
5.      Quick Glamour Pinup Girl Cheat Sheets
6.      Some more liquid courage or sugar courage (your choice) I chose sugar here.
OH! It’s on, people.
Beauty by SW blog

beauty by sw lifestyle blogger san diego california
via pinterest neon pink

 All this adds up to a Kiss a Gram short Video for your Sweetie or a photo to send with a message just for them and an afternoon of giggles and trash talk for you. I clearly was on a cinnamon gel heart high when I wrote this!
quote John Green 

 Have fun, and share with your friend the love in your heart

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