Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It’s Too Hot to Be In Fall Fashion!

I know most of my readers are from Germany, Russia and of course the USA and while the weather varies from place to place and varies day to day for that matter (welcome to Global Warming) It's hot people. In my lovely city of San Diego it happens to be October and a blistering heat wave of 100+ has hit us. As much as I am craving the AW Fashion, I would seriously just love to be naked with water mist spraying me down! But seeing as I’m at work this little fantasy probably won’t work out for me.
 My skirt is a light weight hound’s tooth/plaid print skirt. This textile style look has been running through the Fall collections from Tommy Hilfiger and the classic Burberry plaids the past few seasons. Hound’s tooth is a classic, staple print in my opinion and a must for the wardrobe. How do you feel about the hounds tooth or the on slot of plaid looks? Let me know in the comments below.

Quilted Denim Bomber Jacket Target Style

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is StriVectin TL Neck Cream Worth It?

Hello My Friends,

As today is Send a Friend a Note Day, I thought I would write to my good friend Kelly and share with you as well. There are those products, the ones you come across that you just have to share; my share is StriVectin Neck Cream. 

anti aging neck cream review shaun wolchinsky beauty blogger

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Accessories for Spring Summer The Goddess Headbands

I have started a collection of goddess headbands, thanks to the Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino fashion show of the past seasons.  There is something so fun, flirty and ultra feminine about these headbands; they make me feel like I should be in a Midsummer Night’s Dream when I wear my headbands.

beauty by sw fashion blogger dolce and gabbana

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let’s Have Fun with Fashion Week

Let’s have fun this week! I will be posting my behind the scenes look at not just Spring Summer  Fashion Week, but sneaky peeks at a few A/W NYFW collections first. The decision has been made
with Fashion Week/Month starting  why not step- up the fashion game a bit and bust out a fashion trend you might not normally wear? Then blame New York Fashion Week Fever for your choice- if your friends don’t understand.
 On a side note, most of you who have been reading my post this month have been experiencing my #StyleMeFeb challenges here and on my InstaBeauty feed and get to see my work and play #OOTD choices. Some of my friends only get to see me in my morning, with that I just rolled on to the Running Club Track Outfits, sans makeup, you're lucky you don't see this.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hot Bean Stew for the Grammy Awards!

We try to eat a few vegetarian meals a week at Casa W and I thought I would try out a three bean stew to spice up the Grammy Awards party tonight (party of 3).It’s very simple and fast. After a long day of Girl Scout activities there was not a lot of time to cook a big spread and, anyway, we we’re in the mood for a lighter meal that was low in calories but still filling (still trying to shed the holiday 10lbs! anyone else on the weight loss train?). This bean stew is packed with vitamin C, protein, and spinach for your greens, oh and a dash of chilies to make you sweat like a sinner in church! Now the Grammy Awards aren’t necessarily my thing. I love music but I feel like there is a lot of crap music these days (what’s your opinion?). I really enjoy the Oscars, Critics Choice, more film oriented awards ceremonies. Granted the fashion strutting down the red carpet (Hello Beyonce, Amazing!) both men and women has been an eyeful.

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Andy Warhol to De Kooning; The Art Gods Are Calling

Hello Weekenders!

I have been craving some museum time as of late; the art gods are calling. In San Diego we have had a small collection of paintings from a wide range of artists showing at the San Diego Museum. One of my favorite artists is Willem de Kooning and wow the painting on show did not disappoint, I stood for a good 20min just studying every layer, brushstroke and color. I would have taken photos, but it was a no camera zone (I did manage a sneaky pic of the Andy Warhol Soup Cans).
Blonde hair Vintage styling beauty by sw blog

Friday, February 6, 2015

Top Eye Cream is Le Mer Eye Concentrate!

I have been testing eye creams for about 4 months now (I will have a complete eye serum review soon) and, I think price does matter. Within days I could see the results of the Le Mer Eye Concentrate, my puffy under eyes diminish significantly and the crows’ feet softened. This product comes with a hefty price tag unfortunately $190.00 for 0.5oz ."Can you say holy crap bat man!" I did not purchase this product, my lovely Mom gave it to me (thanks Mom). My favorite feature was the little metal ball wand that I would place in the refrigerator; it was so soothing in the morning. I’m trying to figure out where I can cut back so I can work the Le Mer Eye Concentrate "miracle in a jar eye cream" into the beauty budget.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ralph Lauren Pure Romance Inspiration

I am a romantic, How about you? I don’t care that Valentines is a Hallmark Holiday because people need to be reminded of love, romance, and that silly rush of blood to your head when you see the one you love. One of my favorite places to find my trinkets of affection is Rogers Gardens in OC. I love walking through the nursery this time of year because it’s bursting with tulips and wonderful inspirational displays of gifts. I did find a few things for some of my loved ones and I can’t wait till next Saturday!
Red Oversized coat ASOS Beauty by SW fashion blog

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Paraphernalia and The Universe Hears My Call?

Do you ever have that moment in your life where someone you haven’t seen in a long, long time appears in your life again? Today was that day for me. A Long time family friend of ours happens to work at the Girl Scouts Council and I ran into her in the GS Store when I was buying my Cookie Booth Paraphernalia.

 On a side note WOW! Have the Girl Scouts stepped up the Marketing tools for Cookie Sales since I was a Brownie.
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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Fall Men's Fashion Week: Playful and Frisky Feeling

I'm not sure if I'm feeling playful because it's almost Valentines Day or if it's the Men's Fashion Week Shows like, the Dolce & Gabbana and Costume National, that I've been watching (over and over again)! 

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

It’s time for the Weekender! Get It Done

Some of you will see in my YouTube vlog that my holiday decorations are still around the Casa W. My excuse; I don’t use Ritalin or Adderall, there is only so much one can do in a day when my number one priority is the family (9 out of 10 mothers will agree). In the spirit of good intention I will attempt to pack the holiday away. I did manage to clean up some of the garage & guest room (dumping grounds) this week, which has cleared the way for a glorious start to my Get It Done endeavor.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

John Galliano's Return &Target Competing with Department Stores?

On a totally random note: How about the return of John Galliano during London Men’s Fashion week! I’m not sure where I stand on the Fallen Man Galliano vs. the Celestial Designer Galliano? On to my Beauty Obsession!

Laneige skin care is carried in department stores such as Bloomingdales and is now making an appearance at Target. I’m sure you've noticed the layout changes being made to many of the clothing dept., home good dept. and now the addition of high-end skin care to Target. We have all been conditioned to think Target is a great deal less expensive than Department Stores and for the most part it is, however I have noticed the prices coming up a bit (inflation)? So the change must mean Target is confident its customers will accept these changes? Who knows? Enough of my weird observation!

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