Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best Accessories for Spring Summer The Goddess Headbands

I have started a collection of goddess headbands, thanks to the Dolce and Gabbana and Valentino fashion show of the past seasons.  There is something so fun, flirty and ultra feminine about these headbands; they make me feel like I should be in a Midsummer Night’s Dream when I wear my headbands.

beauty by sw fashion blogger dolce and gabbana

As you know it’s Earth Day and Southern California is in a major drought, so here at Casa W we've cut back on the shower time.  This left me with less hair washing time (which is fine, because I would rather have water to drink). These headbands detract from the dirty hair because they are so beautiful. I bet that’s why Roman women used to wear head ornaments; dirty hair made beautiful in one easy step.   

midsummer night's dream beauty by sw fashion blog

 I have the gold-leafed headband (pictured) from Net a and a coin headband as well, which I purchased from Nasty Gal. I went weak in the knees when I spied that little gem.
If you have a favorite headband link, let me know in the comments... you know me, always on the hunt.

Happy Hunting

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