Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Paraphernalia and The Universe Hears My Call?

Do you ever have that moment in your life where someone you haven’t seen in a long, long time appears in your life again? Today was that day for me. A Long time family friend of ours happens to work at the Girl Scouts Council and I ran into her in the GS Store when I was buying my Cookie Booth Paraphernalia.

 On a side note WOW! Have the Girl Scouts stepped up the Marketing tools for Cookie Sales since I was a Brownie.
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 This year I had decided to revisit old favorite places and old friends. I guess just saying that out load opened up the flood doors of  human social contact other than my family and co workers because after my visit at Girl Scouts 3 other friend I haven’t seen I a long while, want a night out on Saturday. I can’t wait to hang with old friends and have a catch up.

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Have you had the experience of saying a want aloud and having it come true? Or just made a promise to you and made it come true? Let me know your experience in the comments, this universe will hear your call/ faith thing is always interesting to me.


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