Monday, January 12, 2015

John Galliano's Return &Target Competing with Department Stores?

On a totally random note: How about the return of John Galliano during London Men’s Fashion week! I’m not sure where I stand on the Fallen Man Galliano vs. the Celestial Designer Galliano? On to my Beauty Obsession!

Laneige skin care is carried in department stores such as Bloomingdales and is now making an appearance at Target. I’m sure you've noticed the layout changes being made to many of the clothing dept., home good dept. and now the addition of high-end skin care to Target. We have all been conditioned to think Target is a great deal less expensive than Department Stores and for the most part it is, however I have noticed the prices coming up a bit (inflation)? So the change must mean Target is confident its customers will accept these changes? Who knows? Enough of my weird observation!

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I pick up Laneige Water Base Cream (similar to Clarins Hydra Quench, in my opinion) Clarins 1.7oz  $49.00 +Sephora 
Light perfume smell with instant and lasting results.
  • The smell does linger, so if that’s not your thing, well maybe it’s not for you
  • My skin feels dewy and soft (as Laneige claims)
  • It continued to feel hydrated throughout my day and into the evening

The Water Bank Moisture Cream did affect my make up slightly. It caused the foundation to absorb into my skin a little. So in the future I will drink my morning tea & have a family catch up to allow the cream to absorb, and then put on my makeup.
Note: my skin is dry to comb skin type.

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 Will I continue to use Laneige Water Base Cream? This 1.6oz jar came with a price tag of $32.00, so I can’t say if I will, I will let you know when I’ve run out.

Let me know how you feel about John Galliano’s return, if you have formed thoughts on the subject?


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