Friday, February 6, 2015

Top Eye Cream is Le Mer Eye Concentrate!

I have been testing eye creams for about 4 months now (I will have a complete eye serum review soon) and, I think price does matter. Within days I could see the results of the Le Mer Eye Concentrate, my puffy under eyes diminish significantly and the crows’ feet softened. This product comes with a hefty price tag unfortunately $190.00 for 0.5oz ."Can you say holy crap bat man!" I did not purchase this product, my lovely Mom gave it to me (thanks Mom). My favorite feature was the little metal ball wand that I would place in the refrigerator; it was so soothing in the morning. I’m trying to figure out where I can cut back so I can work the Le Mer Eye Concentrate "miracle in a jar eye cream" into the beauty budget.
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 Today was another day of the style challenge from Hillary Rushford. I truly have and explosion of black and white clothing in my closet and have tried hard not to jump on the monochrome trend because for most of my adult life I had to wear black or white when I worked with Toni and Guy Salons. It was however like coming home after a long trip away; comfortable, and natural feeling.
I do feel that I took the challenge one step further for myself by mixing multi texture items for a richer look. My Pants have diamonds on them and have a crepe, stretch texture to them, great for long days at the computer and chocolate croissants binges.
The Jacket is more oversized, but I like to feel warm, chic and cozy so I tend to by oversize these days. 
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 I stopped to have a ham and cheese sando with my hot coco because despite the warm weather it’s still winter according to the damned groundhog!By the way the best hot cocoa mix is from Bottega Louie in Los Angeles (thank you Bottega Louie for the perfect cup every time).
I would say my overall mood as of late is a more relaxed one, impart because my decisions are based in my top priority "MY FAMILY 1st". This style challenge has help take some of the decision making off the table for me and I love it! If you get a chance to try it I'm sure you would feel the same.
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I hope to see and hear from you all soon

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