Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is StriVectin TL Neck Cream Worth It?

Hello My Friends,

As today is Send a Friend a Note Day, I thought I would write to my good friend Kelly and share with you as well. There are those products, the ones you come across that you just have to share; my share is StriVectin Neck Cream. 

anti aging neck cream review shaun wolchinsky beauty blogger

 Now I’m not looking for a miracle in a jar, because we all know this is not possible-right? I will let you know I get Thermage done once a year which helps to stimulate collagen in the skin, now this is my greatest prevention in anti-aging, but one needs help on a day to day basis and I’ve found that StriVectin is my go to product as of late. 
The Nia-114 was a bit of a concern for me because I suffer from Rosacea. Nia-114 and other products containing Niacinamide such as Olay ProX, work with this Niacin based ingredient, which claims to be less irritating than the prescription products with Tretinoin. I can’t use Retinol creams as they just kill my skin. The StriVectin does flush my skin so this product doesn’t go further than under my chin. I don’t want a Rosacea flare up my friends. My skin appears more plump, hence the temporary appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Now the larger lines are the spots that I will have to make peace with as I think plastic surgery would be the only option for deep lines. Let me know if you know of something that works on those bad boys or If you would like to know more about my Thermage Treatments, I would love to share.


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We are off to our favorite Italian restaurant for the Fettucine Alferdo and Torinese salad, ohhh and my fav pickled carrots and then the Science fair (hello periodic table).

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