Saturday, January 17, 2015

It’s time for the Weekender! Get It Done

Some of you will see in my YouTube vlog that my holiday decorations are still around the Casa W. My excuse; I don’t use Ritalin or Adderall, there is only so much one can do in a day when my number one priority is the family (9 out of 10 mothers will agree). In the spirit of good intention I will attempt to pack the holiday away. I did manage to clean up some of the garage & guest room (dumping grounds) this week, which has cleared the way for a glorious start to my Get It Done endeavor.

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Now just because I’m packing up doesn't excuse me from looking fashionable, hence the stretchy geometric 60’s cigarette pants (yes I said stretch pant!). The moto boots are quickly becoming a favorite work/weekend staple. These boots might not have steel toes but they still protect my toes from the elements.
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With NYFW coming up I’ve pulled a few jackets that are warm and functional like this faux suede jacket by Mango. It hasn’t met NYC cold in February but fingers crossed it will work. Wish I could just wear a heating blanket with a snow suit over it! Do you think Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) could design a little outfit with those specs? My bag was a gift from Mr.W and I love it. I can just fit my Nars Lipstick and Credit Cards in. The black and gold geometric details of this bag make me feel like I’m in a Jean Metzinger cubist painting. If I Get It Done this weekend then it’s date night for me as my reward. 
Le Bel Age Boutique San Diego
Le Bel Age Boutique Pants

Do you reward yourself for jobs done? Maybe this goes back to the star chart reward system my mother made me do? Let me know what type of reward system you use for yourself or children?

 Weekender Adventure Commence!

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