Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chocolate Croissants & Bubble baths: A weekender favorite’s edition

During this holiday season I got a couple of super great gifts I would love to share with you my friend and family. Let’s just jump in!

Williams Sonoma chocolate croissants’ are flaky and buttery, right up my street. It’s as if I stopped at a patisserie in Paris in the early morning to buy the hot off the press chocolate, buttery goodness on my way to Le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. This Museum is on my places to take Little W when we take a trip to Paris; I love Taxidermy and luxury surroundings. Back to the pastry: It totally melts in my mouth when I bite into it after being heated in my toaster oven. It prices out around the same as the Starbucks chocolate croissants but it tastes infinitely better! Couple the croissant with the Breville Espresso Machine coffee and I’m in Paris minus the price.

beauty blogger beauty by sw san diego blogger

Beauty by SW blogger

My new rose gold railroad spike ring with pavé 
from Giles & Brother designer Philip Crangi

I have an affinity for spikes and punk rock as I grew up a product of that generation, however the new refined, luxury version of this trend works for me at my age. Giles & Brothers designs are always a staple for the new traditional pieces I use in everyday wear. Simplistic and smart, topped off with the incredible craftsmanship this company values as gospel, you can’t go wrong when you decide on a favorite piece from Giles & Bro for your own collection.
Beauty by sw fashion blogger Giles and Brother rings
yes I have loads of freckles! 

Beauty by sw blogspot beauty and lifestyle blog Philip Crangi
I am a bit fan of spa baths so when this lovely Champneys Spa Exotic Retreat Shower Cream landed in my lap I couldn't wait to come up with a spa bath ritual that included it. This shower cream is so heavenly smelling; a culmination of essentials that feature Ylang ylang. Ylang ylang is supposedly great for depression, hypertension, stress, insomnia, sex drive (hey, hey) and balancing heart functions.
I think Bajus Jati, a retreat on my bucket list, would surely use in one of their spa rituals. I will have to do a spa bath ritual series for you in the near future. I’m sure you've seen
that most of my recent posts are rooted in relaxation and pampering? This is because in February we kick off NYFW cray cray mode. 

beauty by sw beauty blogger san diego

Beauty by sw blogspot beauty blogger
If you can’t travel to your bucket list place or eat in your favorite Paris patisserie then why not seek out the products that bring that luxe feeling to your home I always say; this is a state of mind at CasaW.

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