Friday, January 2, 2015

Goals for life: a small glimpse into the world of a bloggers goal setting

I came from a corporate based international beauty company background. Throughout my training I was taught how to manage through goal setting and project management. This made my career and life journey decision easier.
I question “my current realities” in order to bring about change and growth. Some of the benefits of goals are

  • Goals create a positive pressure which is necessary to move you forward.
  •  Goal mapping allows you to face challenges that may arise, and see the progress toward your desired end (goal).
  • Goals help with motivation and foster greater enthusiasm
These are just a few of the benefits as a result of goal setting (write a few benefits you could imagine as a result of goal mapping). Be sure to share.

 The following is just a few of my personal goals for the year. If you would like to see how my career goals play out or if you have questions, let me know in the comments.
Take time to read a book
 Possibly revisit some classics (Salinger). I have had this horrible feeling over the past few years that I’m steadily less well read. My work consumes me. Marketing and Social Media seem to foster quick reading or short attention-span theater. I need a meaty book that will give me that mind buzz I’ve been missing; any suggestions my friends?
Spend less
            The 1st place I will banish is my online shopping. As a blogger and social media person I am besieged by offers. I think most of my shopping happens if I have a late night and around a full moon. When do you do most of your online shopping? Very curious to know…
             Every year I say we will dial it down and some how life’s fun adventures foil my plans. This year I am changing how this goal looks. I’ve decided to plan a trip for the family, not sure where (Spain, Cataluña, Costa Brava to the Dali Museum), but if I start with  a solid dollar amount and then base the trip around the budgeted price I think we will reach our not-over-spend goals.
I will have more areas to save in a detail post series, so look for this in the weeks to come.
Here’s the one goal on everyone’s list: Be Healthy and Exercise More!
            Am I right? We all write this goal down with good intentions but derail half through the endeavor. So to prevent my train wreck I’ve downloaded a calorie counter app that maps your exercise progress as well. I may even enlist the buddy system in my exercise plan, who knows. Now you should find an app that suits your lifestyle, everyone has different needs, mine is My Fitness Pal because it’s a great starter app.

Now these are just a few of my personal goals I've shared with you. Your personal goals should always be based around the time you can commit and the values you've set for your life.
Morning Mantra..  Energy: I love my life and will live it to its fullest. I can achieve what I set my mind to do.
I can’t wait to hear your stories, so be sure to link me to yours so I can share in your goal journeys. 

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