Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mara Hoffman Runway Hits New Highs!

Mara Hoffman’s Fall Collection has hit a level of sophistication that had been missing in some of her past shows.  She has definitely hit a stride that I’m sure will translate into sales for this designer house.

Beauty by SW Blogger Fall Fashion

  Hoffman was quoted in the New York Time Article stating “I’m probably the brand you would expect in a weirdo venue, with people smoking joints and playing guitars sitting on the ground,”

Beauty by SW Fashion Blogger photo

Beauty by SW Lincoln Center MBFW

Nikon Photo Beauty by SW Blogger Beautiful
 Mara I think you’re a perfect fit for the Lincoln Center with all its drama and art oozing from every pore; I’d say you’re a match made in heaven. 

Some of my favorite pieces were the black and white prints but the most beautiful was this white ruffled piece.It's almost like a Moroccan wedding tapestry. Absolutely something Elizabeth Taylor would have worn in the late 60’s early 70’s, with Richard Burton at her side traveling through Mykonos.

Fashion Blogger Beauty by SW Blogspot Photos

  I can’t wait to see her Spring 2015 show at Lincoln Center.

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