Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Phillip Lim Satchel and China Blue Porcelain Pattern Casual Dressing

So Today was the first day of school for Little W and a day of editing, and NY Fashion Week Prep for me. Of course I was trying new mascaras and sure as the sun shines my eyes puffed up and have been burning all day. Thankfully this happened now and not while I’m shooting video. Most days I try to wear professional yet fashionable clothing seeing as I am in the beauty industry, even if I am the only person who sees the outfit (well my BFF Mrs. F and Quixote see the outfits and if I post?) so yeah I guess more people see my OOTD than I imagined.

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 I have a strong affinity towards China Blue Porcelain, I collect it in my home, I painted my kitchen that beautiful blue color and now I have this shirt from ASOS. I bought this top a little oversized seeing as oversized is trending and thankfully so because summer has not been kind to my waistline people. I paired the find with my favorite monochrome black and white pants from The ease of this pant is great for bending, sitting at my computer for hours and walking to pick up Little W, they are a go-to pant for me. Shout out for pants with stretch!

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 My finds of the summer was my mock Balenciaga Boots and Phillip Lim Satchel in white. I’m sure the real Balenciaga Boots are extremely comfortable (if you’re a rich fashion blogger and can afford the real beauties, I love you-I hate you) for the wicked price of $1600.00 US dollars! Yeah not in this fashion lovers budget- Disneyland comes 1st for this blogger. I was looking for my Fall Fashion Key Pieces and pouf these almost, Black Balenciaga Boots where on and only $60.00, unfortunately ASOS no longer has this exact style but their boot selection is fantastic and reasonable if you are in the fall fashion market. My white satchel handbag is not Phillip Lim much to my dismay but it is Forever 21, hurray for cheap and cheerful trend stores. This Phillip Lim style handbag was only $24.00 USA dollars. So my one regret about this white handbag was that I gave it away in a moment of generosity (I tend to get that way-it’s an artist thing I think?) So I went back to the site to buy another and it was gone. Man you shoppers are fast! It was the perfect bag size and the pockets held my phone, new Givenchy Leather collection lipsticks, and my cards (I’m crying now…) oh well On to the next hunt

 Until NYFW

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