Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY Guy Fawkes Day Celebration

 This day is celebrated in England as the day Gay Fawkes attempted to replace the Protestant monarch with a Catholic one, he failed. Now England has a Thanksgiving and 4th of July style fireworks, celebrating this plot gone wrong. Casa W decided to participate this year in the strange event. We were motivated by food, fire and spirits.

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photo Shaun Killy W

I guess the poor man had it coming but I can’t help but wonder what a Catholic monarch would look like in this day and age.

England, Guy Fawkes Inn

I wanted to watch the BBC production of Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, but the family put the kibosh on that idea. I just love the men in the cast: Michael Fassbender (hot), Kevin McKidd and Robert Carlyle, who if you’ve seen “Once upon a Time” plays Rumpelstiltskin

Sparklers, beautybysw.blogspot.com
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We had a great DIY burn Guy Fawkes Sparklers. The husband loved these. He wanted to take the extra Guy Fawkes to work along with our favorite rustic English cake “Parkin”. At Casa W we’re big fans of oats and apples so Parkin is a natural fit as a sweet treat. Recipe. Along with the Parkin we had Butternut Squash soup with Chicken Apple Sausage in it, Organic Peas and Williams Sonoma Baked Apples avec walnuts-yummy. I of course had to have my cinnamon hot apple cider.

Party Marshmallows Pure Madness Chocolate.com
Pure Madness Chocolate C/O

Food, Beauty by SW
Casa W

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My little girl couldn't care less about the Guy Fawkes Day stuff, as she says “mommy, we are going to roast marshmallows on the bonfire, right?” Yes we are. Then I add “Did you know the bonfire was to celebrate the failed attempt on King James 1 life”. All the while the husband and she are setting off the Guy Fawkes sparklers and cheering. 

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