Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mara Hoffman Fall Gypset Goddess

Mara has all the perfect ingredients great hair, makeup, nails to set the mood for her fantastic, colorful fall collection. 
mara hoffman fall fashion beauty by sw
via Whitney S Williams

Gypset is a constant state of being in California, so it’s no
surprise that Mara Hoffman’s Backstage Hair team would include Karen Angel of Panache Salon. The Tigi Talent team is headed by Nick Irwin, he gave direction to add Catwalk strong mousse and Session Series Styling Cream to damp hair and twist into cool bohemian ropes with a smooth finish tucked just behind the ears. The team used a diffuser so not to disrupt the hair. If you have a diffuser dust it off and get busy. This was a fall look, but as I've stated “Gypset” is year round in Cali

Karen Angel Mara Hoffman fashion show

Karen Angel Maybelline Cosmetics Tigi haircare

Karen Angel Tigi Haircare Maybelline Makeup

Here’s a link to Maybelline’s backstage looks

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