Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter Skin Care for Acne and Sensitive Skin Routine

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Finally we have a change in weather here in southern California, Winter rain and cold hurray! California is in a drought hence my excitement over rain.
When the weather changes I like to drop my skincare routine to a transitional grouping of products. Why?
Transitioning your skin to more moisture rich skin care can send skin into a tail spin of acne break outs and an over all angry phase. Here is my Winter Transition skin care routine for the AM.

  1. I love to remove dead skin gently and control acne breakouts so I use Epicuren Herbal Cleanser. This is a gentle cleanser good for any skin type. After a luke warm rinse off I move to my cotton pads and apply
  2. Botanics Rosewater toning spray is 100% organic. I have this as a staple in my routines not just because it’s organic but because this toner is effective and it smells great. Just a few spritz onto the cotton pad and a gentle wipe over the face leaves my skin calm and refreshed and ready for my cream. This is available at Target
  3. I thought I would give the L'Oreal Revitalift a go round. The smell is a little off for my taste but I was more interested in how this product would perform so I’ve soldiered on.. It is definitely a step down from the Clarins and Lancôme Anti Aging products I am accustom to using. The Revitalift is like the E class Mercedes vs the SLK series Lancôme. It worked ok but I won’t be repurchasing.

In the PM I must contend with not just pollutions of the day but my makeup as well, this is why I use an Oil based product combination.

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1.      To remove my eye makeup I use Boots No7 from Target. It does the job well enough but for super mascara jobs I still us MAC.
2.      SKII Facial Cleanser. I’ve been a long time fan of oil cleanser for the face. Oils are coming into popularity at the moment wouldn’t you say? SKII is supper neutral, comes off easy and doesn’t leave any product behind.
3.      I’ve been testing a few of Cindy Crawford’s products available at and have loved the Toner for the simple fact that it does what it claims.
4.      On my eyelids I’ve been testing out the Perricone MD Eye lid Serum. I have noticed an improvement in the over all appearance of my lids and my makeup is looking less patchy and dry, so great. I use the Opal to apply this product to my lids, who knew I had ticklish eyelids!
5.      So here we are at the final product the L’Oreal Age Perfect night cream. Again not super impressed but for the budget it works. I’ve come to the realization that you've got to spend the money on products with higher ingredient content for them to have a superior effect.

If you have a favorite anti aging product that works on a modest budget let me know the name in the comments below or if you have a post on your daily routine let me know so I can read and give you some comment love…

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