Monday, July 28, 2014

Versace inspiration and Content Contemplation?

Going into Summer Madness

It’s seems life is filled to the brim with birthdays, parties, work and more. It all started with Disneyland for days, the Aloha Party prep and execution and some major work project I’m currently knee deep in, so this is why Beauty by SW has had a small break.  For the W’s, family is always 1st, then my day job and then I get to do the fun stuff you see on the blog and YouTube.

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While on the subject of Vlogs and Blogs, Mr. W and I are sorting out; what is suitable content for YouTube and my Blog that relates to our family life and what’s off the table. Have any of you had this chat with your partner or spouse? Wow does this conversation go deep, at least for us. Comfort zones for vlog content, what part of events, dinners, and general filming are ok for use. You would think it would be easy to have this conversation, but it is not! We aren’t a reality show nor do we want to become one, this was the fear stated but my loving husband. Point well taken Mr.W and I am listening.

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 It’s very easy to get caught up in the documenting of life so that you’re not really participating in it. For Mr.W the reality show scripting of events and life are part of the fear as I move into YouTube. He doesn't want to have to do “exciting things every weekend for content”. Trust me I don’t either! May’s events took it out of me. I think I’m still in recovery mode.

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I plan to be more diligent about communication with you my blogging and YouTube communities, what this means is (if I can’t show up to the party I will write or vlog post to let you know sooner rather than the late)
I have Little W home for the summer and some major work projects due the end of July that may hinder with BBSW output. This is an ongoing thing with the day job as my income. Maybe I should drink more caffeine (No). If you have any thoughts on how you’ve integrated real life into your content without to much intimate time being lost let me know.

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