Thursday, May 8, 2014

Forever 21 haul and Naughty Dog Game “The Last of Us”

I had wanted to try the Forever 21 Premium Make up line for awhile so I made a quick trip to Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. I picked up the Mineral Blush, Lip and Cheek Stain, a Nail art graffiti kit, nail art brushes, Travel make up brushes, the eye brow makeup kit and some extras.

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The graffiti nail art polish was a fun idea, but it should have been obvious to me the nails on the box had been done by a professional. Yes even Cosmetologist get sucked in by the pretty pictures on the box and all profession judgment goes out the window or maybe I was on a gummy bear high, who knows. I gave the kit a try and it turned out ok. I will practice a little more to see if I can master the graffiti look (cuz it’s fun) but I can see why going to a nail art specialist like the ladies of Miss Pop Nail is really the way to go. Besides Miss Pop Nail’s cute vintage pin up look, this girl has cred. She has participated in NYFW and is a regular on YouTube. Of course she makes it all seem so easy, I know different Miss Pop Nail Lady!
The Polish in the Forever 21 nail kit stayed on my fingers for 3 day, through yard work and organizing and I
I had no top coat on! I forgot to apply it (OOPS!) The colors were easy to apply and the color payoff was great.

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The nail art tools in hot pink were a must purchase for me. My daughter told me I didn’t have the right stuff to do her Mickey Mouse Nail Design for our Disney trip so I bought the set. Now I know I’m not the best at art work unlike my brother, he is in animation with Naughty Dog Games, so I guess this means I’ll be watching Ellen and Dish on YouTube as my art school. 

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The Mineral Blush has a pretty great pigment payoff, however the Lip and Cheek Stains are a bust if you’re looking for good color. The stains are sheer and flake when layered. The cheek stain would be great for a no makeup, makeup look, possibly of the beach. 

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In my YouTube Haul Video I spill my thoughts on all the products and all the little extras so be sure to watch the Forever 21 Haul on my YouTube Channel. Please note most of these products are only available in-store not on line.
I would love to hear from you if you’ve used any of the other beauty products from Forever 21 and you’re likes and dislikes in the comments below.

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