Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just Another Day of Mock Prada

Spring Red Dress Prada Inspired

I’m absolutely a Prada fan and love Miuccia Prada's ability to design for our time. Now I don't have the job I use to have that afforded me the Prada, Louis Vuitton and other luxury purchases I enjoyed and coveted, so I now look for pieces that have quality, construction and the fit I desire at a budgeted price. I have a list of favorite mid range designers and stores that help me with my hunting.

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 Why the Prada talk?  It's because I was obsessed with the simplicity of the Prada Spring 2014 collection. The collection inspired me to hunt for a Miuccia Prada inspired article of clothing. After some digging I came across this tomato red colored dress. The dress is a little big, but I like an oversize look right now.

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 I couldn't let this dress go, for $25.00 it was in the bag! ASOS, which is where I purchase said "Prada Dress"  has some great brands that design with quality fabrics. I will say at times the sewing is a bit off, but f**k, for the prices I'll bust out the sewing machine or go to the tailor for a $20.00 fit.
I decided to pair the dress with a Sporty heel look we've all been seeing for this springs fashion must have.I needed a smaller handbag today and this colorblock handbag was the perfect size for the quick errands I have to run today. This is a Danielle Nicole handbag design, last show in my Leather and Graphic OOTD black shoes beauty by sw blogspot
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ASOS Deep Plunge Shift Dress/  Aldo Sporty Shoes 

Danielle Nicole Handbag similar/  Le Bel Age Boutique 

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My fantastic, fun jewelry is from (yes again) Le Bel Age Boutique. Valerie is a master of the hunt and brings home to her followers the spoils of the stylist war. If you're ever in San Diego you must stop and shop this jewel of a boutique. Boutique like Le Bel Age and my curated list of shops help me in my hunt for fashions with a budgeted limit and now that my budget is limited I actually find the hunt for designer fashion inspired clothing more thrilling. The goal now is how to make my outfit look and feel as if it was a more high end design and of course still styled to my lifestyle and taste. Note: my style has a wide range depending on my mood. 

Happy Hunting Lovelies


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