Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kick Back and Visit Your Old Favorites and OOTD

There are times when the week has been so slammed that by the time the weekend comes I just need a tiny bit of me time. I’ve made an effort to be more allowing of time for myself so I don’t burnout. I think a lot of women take on so many rolls these days that we forget about the importance of alone time, relaxing and visiting the things or places that bring us joy.

I pulled up my favorite chair and had a look-see through my Alexander Mcqueen’s "Savage Beauty". It was his birthday on the 17th of March and I thought it would be nice to honor one of fashion's most influential designers by taking my time with his lovely designs this morning. The book is still available on Net-a-Porter, if you haven’t bought this book yet it should be on your list of must haves. Every page is like eating a dessert. I've been off of sugar for awhile so a lot of my references are sweets oriented. The military coats are some of my favorite pieces, how ever I am a sucker for a beautiful dress.  The magic of the book prompted me to visit the things around me that I haven't touched in a while.

Now with spring’s arrival most women including myself go on the hunt for a signature perfume for the season.  I have about 12 bottles in my collection and only 3 that I go to on a regular basis. Sometimes you grow out of a scent, it’s too heavy for your mood, maybe it’s too sweet, whatever the reason a group of your old favorites are just collecting dust.  I’m sure some of you have your own perfume collections and know what I mean. I dusted off all the perfumes and grabbed some coffee beans and started my hunt for my new/old spring scent. With little effort I found the winner- Marc Jacobs. This perfume had exactly the blend I was looking for, not too sweet with a hint of musk. It’s surprisingly clean smelling. I love Bergamot and woodsy fragrances because it's just so sexy smelling to me. The beauty of my at home hunt was I didn't have to spend more money. If you have the time, 20mins tops, dust off your old favorites starting with the least used and give them another try. Let me know how long it’s been since you've worn your new/old perfume friend.

beauty by sw blogspot, Doc Martens
Perfume/ Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen
Oh my outfit was a quilted grey top (cozy) from Target. Unfortunately the top has sold out but Nordstrom’s has a similar one. The shoes are a staple item, my Doc’s from ASOS, (the shoes are on sale from 225.00 to 97.00 right now) and the jewelry is a combo from Forever 21, Le Bel Age Boutique and vintage gold rope cuff. I hope your visit an old friend and reconnecting with things that inspire your spring fashion will be fun. Until next time.

Happy Hunting


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