Monday, March 24, 2014

Get Baked with Baked Blushed and OOTD

Bebe, duster Cardigan,

Today at the office we tested out baked blushes from NYX and TIGI’s Glow Blush.

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For most,( this includes me) baked blush was just a novelty product. After watching countless post by Tanya Burr and other makeup YouTuber, I was curious to try baked blushes for myself.
The luminescent glow is outstanding! So I'm already sold on the concept, but what really peaked my interest was how it’s made. Liquid cosmetic colors baked on terra cotta tiles to form these little puffs of glowing color, WOW! Now I’m not sure if my obsession with the baked blush cooking process or the color payoff. 

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The NYX was not as pigmented as the TIGI Glow Blush, but both products will have a place in my makeup collection. On the days when I need a lighter look or if I need a touchup in my day I will be grabbing the NYX blush and on  party days or days when I  really need some color, it TIGI Glow Blush. The TIGI has great staying power so I didn't have to touch up at all. Overall I would say both baked blushes are fun, flirty and won't break your bank.

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For those of you that love the #OOTD recap here it is. My new favorite pants are Anthro, on sale (Happy Birthday to Me). That’s one of the items I got with my 15% B-day discount. The Duster Cardigan is old Bebe but Urban Outfiters has a great lightweight duster in a dark grey. 
The top is old H&M.

Kippy's rhinestone western belt, Madonna

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My belt is Bobby Kipperman’s design for Kippy’s (Madonna has a few of these beauties). I got mine at Le Bel Age Boutique. The Kippy’s store is in Coronado if she doesn't have any left. The Shoes are old ZARA. The felt hat is ASOS; the necklace is from H&M. My bracelets are from my old boutique- Blu Globefusion.
Links to similar products are here 

Until next time
Happy Hunting

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