Monday, February 24, 2014

Misha Nonoo: California Simplicity with City Style My take on Fall Collection

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This woman has the look of a Southern Californian; that’s not why Misha Nonoo could easily be my next favorite design. It’s the seemingly easy of collection which was due to her attention to fabric, cuts, use of paneling and detailed craftsmanship. I truly admire a person for placing the effort it takes to love the fabric of fashion and it's apparent Nonoo is passionate for fashion. I found the pieces to be classic yet modern; any women would feel sexy and strong wearing a design by Nonoo.

Beautybysw.blogspot, NYFW Nonoo
photo BBSW

 The pale blue coat with the fox collar detail, to die for. I loved how she paired one of her digital print dress under the vintage inspired look. I could wear this to a parent conference meeting easily. My mom styled the hair for the model in the blue coat, along with the TIGI Creative Team. The hair fit the easy of the collection.
Beautybysw.blogspot, Nonoo show, NYFW
Photo BBSW

Beautybysw.blogspot, front row NYFW
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Beautybysw.blogspot, NYFW front row
Photo BBSW

Beautybysw.blogspot, Nonoo NYFW Fall 2014
photo BBSW

NYFW show, Nonoo, beautybysw.blogspot, front row
photo BBSW

 The cage coat and skirts are top on my list; you should check out her show and pick your very own love items.

 I hope you enjoy this look at a few of my favorite moments from Nonoo

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