Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Like Butter. No Seriously It Is

Butter London Haul
Stiletto Stick and Beauty by SW, Nail Treatments 2014
Photo SW

During the holidays I was terribly ill and proceeded to shop online till my fingers cramped. 3 weeks of the flu does crazy things to your mind, however one thing is so right in my post flu world and that’s my new Butter London Nail goodies!

beautybysw.blogspot.com, nail lacquer 2014
photo SW

Initially I was looking for a product that could work on my cracked sick heels and I came across the Stiletto Stick. I’m a sucker for great packaging (flowers, skulls, crows & crowns) I’m sold. Upon further trolling on the Butter site, I happened on two lovely colors I just had to have- so I added -Rose Lee and Pistol Pink to my cart. I could have kept going but the register in my head was saying stop. Of course then I see in a magazine Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser Series wears Butter because it’s non- toxic, Love that. Here color choices where more nudes.
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photo SW

Product notes: It glides on well and its pigment content is good (the lst coat is strong in color).   They do sell this at Nordstrom and Sepora but if you have the opportunity to check out the site it’s fun. Butter London is alright in my book of beauty. 

Happy Hunting

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