Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mud Mask Madness: Borghese Fango Mud

Once a week I choose a product that will help my skin glow, this week it is Borghese Fango Mud. The mud comes from the Tuscany volcanic hills, so it’s rich with minerals. This mask cleans out my pores, sloughs off the dead skin and gives my skin a health detox. When all is done my skin is hydrated and more firm.
Pore cleansing mud mask, beauty by sw
photo BBSW

Using a large brush I apply a generous amount to my clean skin and lay a warm towel barber shop style over my face so the mud doesn't dry out. It is important to keep it moist as this helps the Acqua di Vita Complex (I’m assuming this is the mineral content) the products anti aging secret do its work. Avocado and Sweet almond oil soften the skin. The mud draws out the impurities. As the product sit on my face it tingles, on a scale of 1-5 it’s a 5 at first then it tapers off to a 1. In about 10 minutes. 
Beauty Mud Mask
Photo BBSW

I rinse off with warm water and watch as the dead skin peels away and reveals a smoother, hydrated me. I follow up with one of my favorite products Le Mer.

I hear it’s great for acne and improves the skin tone. Note I have Rosea and a few scars on my lip and lower check (tomboy stuff). For me this is a great improvement, next time I have a flare up of Rosea I will photograph it so we can compare the results. If you’re wanting an at home spa treatment this is the mud for you.

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