Friday, January 18, 2013

How to Do The Perfect Wave

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Retro waves are no longer retro, they are timeless. Karen Angel is the queen of the wave. Here is her how to achieve the perfect, glossy wave. Like Kelly Brooke, English TV personality.

Step One:
Shampoo and condition your hair, with a smoothing product. Giti, one of Panache and Co.Salons Technical Directors Said; Use Tigi’s Urban Anti-dotes 2 Recovery. She loves the moisture it gives the hair.

Step Two:
Towel dry by blotting and squeezing the hair so you don’t rough the cuticle up. Do Not rub dry the hair, it creates more frizz! Next apply Moroccan oil Treatment from the mid-lengths to ends to even out your hair’s porosity and add shine. A good mousse, Catwalks Strong Mousse is a favorite. Dry you hair with a medium round brush to create body in your hair, starting from the top and front of the head pinning each dry section into roller-like set as you go.

Step Three: Your favorite side is where your going to place in you glossy wave, ladies choice. Release the pined hair, use a 1in” curling iron, starting about 1” away from the scalp heat your two fingers wide section down to the ends to heat the hair up for a better hold. Go back to the base of your hair roll in and start to feed the hair around the barrel of the iron, hold for a count of 10, pin in a roll. Continue horizontal sections down your head, pinning after you curl. Allow your hair to cool then release your sections.

Now make a part using the corner of your eye as your guide, place your hair behind left ear to create a fall on the other side. Brush the curl side into smooth waves. Use a light spray that layers I use Session Series Work it spray. Hold out and mist, let it dry and mist again. 

via Karen Angel Panache

Results: Soft, Shiny and touchable hair.

Happy Beauty Hunting 

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