Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold Front Hair Defense


Cold weather and the use of heating and hot water showers can rob your hair and skin of essential moisture needed.  Salon is now using the Reborn system which has 3 journeys for hair needs. Panache and Co. Salon is 1 of only 99 salon nation wide accepted by TiGi to use this fabulous product. I’m using the Awakening and the Resurgence journeys. With the dry weather I need the 400% moisture this product boast. I've had great results with the Awakening which s
trengthen my blondish hair.
Tigi Reborn

This is definitely a luxe product the feel is creamy and the smell is Watermint and Honeysuckle, very light and spa like. Its feature Ingredient is MicroMairne tm compound (sea kelp, aloe, babassu oil, green tea) this combo is high in lipid content which is essential for healthy hair. So I’m having the In-salon Reborn treatment done to boost the effect of my at home routine, the shine and hydration last 7 days. The massage is out of this world I just love the tension melting away.
 Check out this fun video No salad at the salon but a nice wine or tea is included in the service.

ymre stierkeme

 When I putty in my stylist hand then I will get one of the Bombshell Blowout for $35.00 and ask for a complementary makeup touch up if a makeup person has the time. Then off with the family for a meal.

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