Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Hair Ideas: for the girl on the go

Via Susan

Would you wear a turban? My grandmother did and she looked very chic. I'm sure your saying,these ladies are models and can make anything look great. Well there is a more practical side to the turban or head wrap, if you’re having a très horrible hair day it will cover it up and keep your head warm this winter but for me it's about a love of accessories. I must admit the love borders obsessive 
( I will have to post my picture of my guest room/closet some time). So in essence the turban is a great excuse for shopping! There it is. 

Many beautiful and famous women who have worn turbans and looked great. Classic Chic (Liz Taylor, Greta Garbo, Carmen Miranda, Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford).

My choice for all time chicest turban wearing women “Dianna Vreeland” I can’t wait to see the movie.
ysl 1962
I know I will attempt a holiday turban this year. With my crazed holiday season I can't even get my roots done. I know the photo below isn't quite a turban but it will do for my packed schedule. Time to practice the turban.

via Gabbana
Who’s your favorite turban wearer and would you wear one?
Write to let me know if you’re a fan.

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