Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to's of 60's Vibe Make up

I obviously love vintage 60's  Daliah Lavi looks in The Silencer or Casino Royale, this is one of my all time favorite. So this is a How to for the Smokey eye effect my hip grandma wore in the 60’s with her suede bells and fringe vest. Pale lipped, strong creamy contrast and lashes are the order of day. 

Start recreating this look by prepping up your skin. Wash it well and put on some makeup primer to keep your skin healthy and make your makeup last longer. 
Next, apply foundation and if needed, concealer. This look is very matte so we’d suggest using a foundation with a matte finish. I loved the Chanel Perfection lumiere. If you don’t have one available you can create that matte finish by setting your foundation with powder. How ever, depending on your age this can be aging. The powder settles in the creases. Trust me I know.

Cara Delevingne dquared F/W 2012
The eyebrows for this look are arched well but they’re not exactly well defined, this updates the retro look. You can achieve by taking some eye shadow and applying that to your brows with a brush. Tigi cosmetics make a great brow definers and its moisture proof. Use very light short strokes moving sideways to create that slightly fuzzy effect.
Now it’s time to work on your lids and for this you will need one  matte eye shadow in black and the other one in black precision pen  is my choice, plus a good blending brush. Tigi and Mac brushes both are excellent choices. To get the very dramatic eyes this look features, start by taking the Precision pen eye liner and applying it quarter in at lash line to the outer corner. Next take the black eye shadow and apply it to the lowest part of your eye lid, taking up about 1/3 of your lids for blend a softening effect. You will see the slight difference between the two types of eye shadows.
Next, take your blending brush and start blending the line of the black eye shadow. This will create the gradation of hue. Line the under eye lid and blend for softness.
For the next step, you will need Vanilla high density shadow. Take a brush and create a line just below your lower lash line in the corner then over the lid, then from the black blended line up to the brows.
Rachel Zoe F/W 2012
Curl your upper eye lashes and apply mascara to define them.
Cut the lash to fit lid and apply one set on the top extending out a bit and another on the lower lid making a slight triangle connection with the top lashes. This will give you a wider looking eye.
To make your features appear stronger, take a dark shade contour your cheeks by applying it right above your jaw line. Make sure you keep the apples of your cheeks free of any colour because the main focuses of this look are the eyes and lips.
If you want a soft version of this look, you can wear it with a lighter shade of matte lipstick with a hint of gloss in the center. It gives you a kissable pout look without looking to sticky.
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