Monday, December 10, 2012

How to's: Haute Holiday Hairstyle

A glittery accessory adds whimsical romance to just about any hairstyle; 
I of course forgot to wear one in this photo. 
Want to give it a whirl? 
Here’s a how-to

1.  I applied Tigi's Session Series Styling Cream on damp- almost dry hair. Then gentle dried it into the hair using my fingers so as to retain body in my hair. Curl the hair all in one direction with a 1-inch Marcel iron, and pin with single prong clips and let it cool.  

2. Comb the hair out completely with a good quality brush. I used a Mason Person brush, you can purchase at Nordstroms, but Denman works well and is gentle on the hair. The Denman on this link site is so cute I'm going to get myself one.
3. Using a styling comb and thin metal clips, depress the comb into the hair to create finger waves around the   face. Use the clips to enhance the ridges in the waves before spraying 

4. To pin it back just loosely gather the hair and pin to secure. Try not to flat and mat it down, think fluffy. 

5. Add in sparkly clips or broaches on one side of the head, above and behind the ear. Le Bel Age has some great sparkles and Forever 21

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