Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why the Konjac sponge?

Some of you may know that I get Thermage treatments every 6-8 months, while this treatment is great for collagen stimulation I still need to slough the dead skin cells away gentle. The Konjac sponge is my new BFF. When my Clairsonic died after 2 years of 2-3 times a week use (is that normal?) I decided to go the natural route. I am including the Japanese Konjac company’s link so you can read for yourself about this little sponge magic.

Beauty by sw beauty beauty blogger

1st impressions:
·         I Love! The texture and how it feels as you swirl it over my face. I could wash my face for hours with this Japanese beauty.
·         The dry skin patches under my eyes lessened
·         My skin felt baby’s butt smooth after use and moist (pre moisturizing)
·         My lotion seemed to absorb into my skin better
Beauty by sw beauty blogger san diego
 And here is my attempt to be silly !!!
Beauty by sw konjac sponge first impressions
hello my friends
I will be making a YouTube blip on the sponge and which will include stills of my skins weekly progress, so be sure to look for this post in 1st week of March.

Until next time

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