Friday, January 9, 2015

The Fastest Hair Blow Out Product

My hair takes 1hr to blowdry, I’m a platinum blonde. Most hair takes around the 1hr mark to dry properly if you have layers of color on your hair and its shoulder length or more, even if you're a darker color that is if you want you blowout to last more than 2hrs. I’m always on the hunt for products that protect my hair in humidity, make it shiny and cut my dry time, so I decided to do a good old fashion blow off! 2 products and a timer and I was off. 

 The Glaze Haze added the shine, definition (piecey) and soft to the touch. After 3hrs the TIGI Glaze Haze side still had bounce/volume, definition to my wave and was soft to the touch (according to my Hubby/tester dude). The Glaze Haze dry time per section was one to 2 minutes less than the Blow Pro time.

The Blow pro, Ready Set Blow, was more gritty feeling, after 3hrs the curl definition was not as strong as the Tigi Glaze Haze side. The Blow pro, side took one to 2 minutes longer than the TIGI Glaze Haze side to dry. It did cut my dry time but gave not a lot of definition, as you can see my hair looks less piecey and matte (left). If you enjoy a more edgy look, The Blow Pro could be your product.
Over all both products work to create different looks on you hair with the
TIGI Glaze Haze out performing the Blow Pro, Ready Set Blow in drying.

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