Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring Trending: Target Has Leopard, Mint and Hounds tooth!

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 In my world of black and white I long for a little color when I feel spring in the air. I was walking the dog and the whole neighborhood smelt of jasmine and fresh cut grass. My body was screaming “It’s Spring!” So I busied myself with a little shopping adventure at Target. My objective was to spend as little a possible on some key spring 2014 fashion trends. Let me say this, I usually can't get out of Target for under $200.00. This trip was going to be a turning point in my habits.
My 1st find was a great boyfriend sweater in mint with black stripes. My god this thing is soft and you know how I am about softie stuff (LOVE!).

beauty by sw blog, spring mint sweaters

My next item was a body con dress in leopard print. This is fully lined and the fabric is heavy cotton. This is my Valentines Date dress. I practically stole this at $2.98! Yes you read it right.

beauty by sw blog, fashion, black houndstooth pencil skirt

Beauty by SW blog, fashion blogger, chain bracelet

Hound’s-tooth is a mega trend that is not just for this spring but is trending through fall 2014 as I saw at NYFW. I picked up 2 pencil skirts for $6.89 each. The pink is reminiscent of the L’Wren Scott line from Banana Republic, so why not by it for that price, I would have been stupid to have past by. The black is houndstooth that’s woven into the fabric and boy this could easily be mistaken for a mid range designer skirt.
The last item was the light blue pave chain bracelet that I got for $9.89 because it had 1 stone missing- easy to replace, and that’s ½ off the original price- I'll take it! This was the extent for the spring 2014 fashion trend items but I felt I could spend a little more-so I went to the makeup department!

beauty by sw blog, beauty blogger, NYX cosmetics
This is so super black and wonderful stuff!

ELF Makeup

I have been watching MakeupByTiffanyD on Youtube, this woman has helped me with my makeup application challenges. Yes hairdressing and other things come more naturally to me, Makeup not so much! So with that said I've decided to be more adventurous with my makeup. The ELF palettes I bought were only $5.10 each and the one included some spring break out colors of yellows and blues. 

My lip color is L'Oreal Pink Cashmere No#171, this lovely light lip color won’t interfere with the primary color palate of my new spring makeup. The last item I got was the Botanic’s Rosewater Tonic mist. Roses-Spring-Mist-Water, see where I'm going, this was a natural impulse buy and the + is it’s organic. It has a strong rose scent that dissipates quickly, so I'm tempted continue spraying for the smell along. I should probably just go by some Jo Malone perfume in Rose perfume with the money I didn't spend instead.

Happy Hunting

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