Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens Thinks Baseball Caps for Every Occasion!

Baseball Hats for every occasion- If it's good enough for Vanessa Hudgens well we can all wear one.

I am so glad baseball cap have made a comeback. Don't get me wrong a love a great fedora, but there is just something about a great B-cap that floats my boat- How about you? I have some recent acquisitions to the collection I thought I would share. Don't you think to yourself- What a great accessory and cheep on top of it!

I purchased this Target Straw baseball hat in black and pink. Straw baseball caps are a great option for spring/summer. $12.99

Khaki I <3 NY Cap is a wonderful basic for any outfit & it's only $7.99. This one is going with my leather shorts from ASOS

LA Lakers Play today at 7- It’s a good thing I’ve got my pink & black baseball cap. I’ll be wearing with the sheer pink jacket from last nights post on Polypove.

Macy's $10.00

The most special of my coveted baseball caps is my Monaco Grand Prix race ball cap. My mom and stepdad bought this beauty at the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo 2000. The embroidery is tops. This one is not for sale.

Hope you find your special Baseball Cap for Spring

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