Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Olay of Olay CC Cream Review

I usually don’t use foundations and other off the drugstore shelf. In my past purchasing experience they don’t deliver what they claim. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, maybe these products only look great on the 20 year old they have pictured in the ad. Olay of Olay does go out of its way to picture older models when promoting their anti aging product, bless them for that. I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce, Olay’s Celebrity Makeup Artist,  Lucky Magazine FABB Event this year. 

Ivory and Olive my favorite gals

Bruce Grayson

On me the foundations are either to light, orange or cake in every fine line and emphasize the fact that my skin is aging! Now I get Photofacials, Hydo-facials, I use Roc Retinol cream all in an effort to slow the skins aging; I do understand what product works for my skin type. I don’t claim to understand all skin type but I’m sure some of you know the frustration combating aging skin can be.

Enough of my rant! I’ve decided to try Olay of Olay CC
Some of the claims are a bit far fetch and some deliver.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles-

Companies just need to stop the lies. It may reduce fine lines on a 20- 35 year old, but any age above that – doubt it!

  • Balances and even out tone

I would say a little. Not as great as my MAC.

  • Age spot appearance

Yes it did reduce the appearance of my freckles

  • The Gentle Exfoliation?

 Yet to be seen. I will have to call the ? line, to ask what type of time frame for the exfoliation to happen and the ingredient that aids in this claim. I can’t seem to locate the ingredient that does this in the product list.

  • Dryness

Yes it does feel moist and mask like, with a slight tightening feel to it. I like this anything that firms it up 

  • Luminosity

Ok nothing can recapture your youthful glow that’s just a load of Cr—p.
I will say it has a highlighting quality but I won’t say my youthful glow has been reclaimed.

Is it different then my La Mer Tinted moisturizer with a broad spectrum spf 18 in Light 02- definitely two different animals. The La Mer is a more sheer and  a lighter feeling product. I like the color better than the Olay CC because it’s not as white. However the firming effect and softening of the spots was a plus over the La Mer.

Give it a try for yourself. I would love to hear your point of view.

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Happy Beauty Hunting

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