Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pardon my French: Garance Dore' I love you!

 J’adore Garance Dore’

I’m feeling very French today so I thought I would share some of my favorite brands and people. I've included a few links I hope you will explore.

 Being in the blog world you see the #streetstyle photographers passion for fashion everywhere,, WWD, and well everywhere. I have fallen in love with Garance Dore’s "Pardon my French" on YouTube. This little video journal is so organic, down to earth and fun. Give it a try if you love yourself some street style. I’ll be sitting in a cafe’ with my iPad watching it all.. 

 It’s no mystery I love Chanel. I use to draw her portraits in pen, pencils and oils; I even used her life as subject for essays and life theories. She is magic to me and I feel Karl has captured her vibe so well year after year, he is magic too! I hope you enjoy this little video short and sweet.

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