Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dull Skin Fighter: DIY Skin Care (CLOSED)

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Laura H
I have dull skin that is dry what can I do and I think natural ingredients are what I want?

Panache Beauty Experts

Let's talk natural- How about a Papaya Mask!


Papaya has a natural enzyme  called papain
When used on the skin, it works to gently dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells and brings new cells to the surface. Viola- a healthy looking complexion.

DIY Face Mask:

1cup papaya
1tbl pineapple juice
1tbl oj
1tsp warm honey 

Blend in mixer, then
Pour in bowl with the honey (you can add oatmeal to thicken or in Martha Stewart's' version yogurt.

Side Note:
As facial treatment papaya essential has been used as face masker for fighting the acne.

Let us know how it works out
Till next time

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