Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today Show: Eco Nail Polish

My passion is all things fashion and now living a less toxic lifestyle. Daily we are bombarded by cell phones, laptops, cars and self inflicted toxic behaviors.
 After hearing my husband’s long conversation about his hate of nail polish and how he wouldn't let our child wear the toxic goop, I decided to find the holly grail of polish. Good news, it’s Scotch. Not the drink I love, but a totally vegan, biodegradable nail polish! The color selection is fantastic, see for yourself. 

Watch this Today Show spot
Bonus: They have a Kids Polish line. My sweet baby girl loves polish like her mommy, the down side, at 6 she can’t keep her fingers out of the mouth. Well if she eats this off- not so scary. Hopscotch Kids is vegan, gluten free and biodegradable.   
Now the girls of the house can have their fashion and eat it too! Eco Chic rules.   

Happy Beauty Hunting TM

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