Monday, December 3, 2012

It's not Zac Posen's Baby!

Definitely not the beginning of the story but it's a start.

I'm a 3rd generation award winning hairstylist. I basically had no choice in my profession, it's in the DNA. I've owned my own Salon/Boutique- Blu Globefusion which was featured in Lucky magazine. My expert advise has been quoted in Real Simple, my work was published in WWD. Then this happened ! No it's not Zac's baby 

I will say this, he's so sweet and he's definitely a family man. He reminisced about his sisters pregnancy and I told him about the time his mother was the Key Note Speaker at the WWD CEO Summit and what an inspiration she was for me. The summit is like a major Power lunch. Industry leaders from around the globe participate. Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang where also in attendance that same year. 
Anyway I went from Bi coastal stylist to Bed rest mama. What a shocker for me. I was not ready for the serious slow down! I has been a blessing for me "the slowdown". It's been a time of reflection and redirection. The past few years I've been a stay at home mom, who  attentions have been focused on my little one. Fast forward to now and this is my reward and the reason I've re-entered the world of beauty
It's a girl! Now I have a little person who's interest in art, make up, hair and clothing rival mine. 
So it's all started flooding back to me, the rush you get when the new collections are being shown, the hours of tearing out looks for your look book so you can start your shopping (and girls & boys I LOVE to shop) I have a storage room, a closet and a guest room to prove it. It's great to be a girl! I've got so much I want to tell her but there is only so much a kid can take sooo- a blog was the next best thing to get it all out and you, yes, you the Fashion Community I've loved through the years and has never let me down, now I have a place to chat about it ALL.
I can't wait to talk to you.

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