Monday, April 1, 2013

Beauty Obsession: Spa Product for At Home

I don’t have time to go the Korean Spa, which I love, so it’s at home treatment for me.
Soak for 20 with Epson salts and lavender oil, then scrub with Jo Malone Vit E Scrub. I have my Trapp Lavender candle burning to help with the relaxation.

Jo Malone Vit E Scrub is packed with natural ingredients like, soybean; organic brown sugar, wheat germ oil and avocado, these ingredients coupled with about 12 other, and helps to make the skin baby smooth. Bonus: it smells like sugar vanilla.

 An at home facial steamer is essential I use Conair , then I apply the Dr Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask

Dr.Haushcka Rejuvenating Mask: Has a fruit as one of its main ingredients, Quince seed. Quince seed hydrates dry skin, leaving the skin looking supple. I use the recommended amount and the treatment tube last 5 months.
image peace love shea
    The topper to my at home spa day, Green Tea Latte from  peace love an shea blog. Love IT! Thanks Shea for keeping me off the coffee.

Better get started on phase one of the pre game prep..
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